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Art director Greg Breeding recalls thinking first about his own daughters in their youth when he began working on the Thinking of You stamps. Inspired by the popularity of the 2015 From Me to You stamp, this project, he hoped, would perhaps appeal to an even younger audience. 

Breeding reached out to illustrator Ellen Surrey, whose work plays on fresh colors and brims with personality. Breeding worked with Surrey to brainstorm images that would celebrate specific events, such as a slice of birthday cake and a party hat, but could also flex to celebrate cheerful occasions more broadly, like a thumbs up, a horseshoe that says “good luck,” and a rainbow. Together they decided on a bevy of bright, whimsical icons that capture the excitement and delight of receiving mail meant just for you.

One young philatelist certainly found reason to celebrate the issuance of the Thinking of You stamps. Christina Esbeck, age 13, has spent the last five years searching for stamps showing cupcakes. So far, she’s collected all 35 that are known to exist with the help of stamp dealers at shows. While her collection spans countries from the United Kingdom to Japan, Esbeck’s own country — the United States — has remained on her list.

Christina Esbeck displays her cupcake exhibit at the Great American Stamp Show (August 2022).

While some collectors focus on acquiring stamps that tell the American story, others have found their niche in a topical category, focusing on an interest that has meaning to them. For Esbeck, it’s all about cupcakes. And with these stamps, one of which features a cupcake, Esbeck now has her U.S. stamp. 

While Esbeck’s collection will remain preserved from mail use, she thinks there’s something special about sending and receiving a handwritten letter in the mail. With the Thinking of You stamp, there will be plenty of opportunities to share that sentiment.

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